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Missold Aegis Power Bond Investment

Have you been missold an Aegis Power Bond Investment? If so, we may be able to assist you claim compensation.

Missold Aegis Power Bond Investment

When people invested in the Aegis Power Bond No. 1 (Aegis Power Bond Investment), they thought they will be smiling all the way to the bank.

They also thought that by investing in the company, they are helping the U.K by generating clean energy- what they did not know is that they were wrong on both counts.

Aegis is a classic example of a mis-sold SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension) scheme.

The prevalence of mis-sold SIPPs in the U.K has risen in the recent past and that is why at, we promise that we shall be at your side until you receive your full compensation.

Something is wrong!

A majority of SIPPs do not go according to plan and it is not by accident. Please note, a SIPP can be a perfect pension scheme. However, some financial advisors promote the wrong schemes or put your money in blatant scams.

Just like many other high risk investment schemes, Aegis is in liquidation. Is this good news for you as an investor? Definitely NOT! As you are faced with the risk of watching your hard earned cash go down the drain!

The worst part is that many investors were mis-sold the clean energy scheme by investment brokers or financial advisers whom they trusted.

What happened with Aegis Power Bond Investment?

Aegis was established in the year 2015 with the promise of offering 20% more clean energy. The directors promised the investors that they would own a part of this company and as a result, be entitled to some of the revenue it generates.

Furthermore, the project was to give the investors a return of 10% interest per year.

According to the directors, the Aegis had a project life of over 25 years’. They also stated that the project had an insurance package which ensured that its investors received “maximum revenue”.

The truth of the matter

Despite all the assurances of risk assessment and profitability, things started to get shaky for the scheme in June 2016. The company was suspended from trading in the Cyprus Stock Exchange because it failed to publish and submit its annual financial report as required by the law for any publicly traded company.

Things continued to go downhill as more reports emerged that the company was having difficulties in completing its wind turbine projects due to lack of funds. This is in spite of having received a lot of cash from investors.

There is hope!

If you are one of the unfortunate investors who had invested in the Aegis Power Bond Investment, worry no more since at, we have got your back.

We are one of the most accredited companies that deal with mis-sold investment claims and we have helped many investors to recover their cash.

Our track record speaks for itself as we have an extremely high recovery rate. To get in touch with us, fill our non-obligation enquiry form and we shall do an initial assessment for free to verify your claim case.

Why make a claim against Aegis Power?

Things will only get worse for Aegis Power and you have a right to claim back your investment. Aegis and similar investments are very risky since they are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

As such, you should have been told the risks involved with investing in such a scheme.

Such schemes do not have any form of protection and investors are exposed to huge losses.

If you want to file a claim against Aegis, we are the claims company to come to for help.

You can reach us by filling the inquiry form or give us a call via 0800 0155 687.

Why choose us?

Why choose Well, apart from our outstanding claim recovery record, we have a team of very highly trained and experienced individuals who will work tirelessly to make sure that you win compensation.

After you make an enquiry, we will undertake a free initial assessment to determine the merit of your case. If we find you have a claim, we will pursue your case on a no win no fee agreement.

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