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Average Missold Investment Claim Is £22,000

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ClaimExperts.co.uk also assists with general claims against the banks, this includes but is not limited to claims against The RBS GRG (Global Restructuring Group) Compensation claims.

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Average Claim Values..

On average, successful pension claims are £ 37000.
Successful investments claims are on average £ 22000.

Which Mis-Selling Scandal Are You A Victim Of?

You may have a claim for compensation – and we’ll help you make it.

The FCA are cracking down dodgy pension advice, and at ExpertClaims.co.uk, our experience team can help you claim compensation if you believe you have been mis-sold an investment, pension, SERPS, SIPPS pension claims, a pension plan, annuity, or even assist with general claims against your bank and/or broker including Mortgage mis-selling and business claims including those in relation to the RBS GRG Group scandal..

Here are some examples of the types of claims we can assist you with.

Missod Pensions

Missold Pensions

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Missold Mortgages

Missold Mortgages

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Missold investment

Missold Investments

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Reasons Why Your Pension Could Have Been Missold..

You expect your pension or investment advisor to do the job right.

But if you took out an investment or pension and any of this happened…

❌ You haven’t got back the money you expected

❌ You weren’t given all the details

❌ You weren’t told about the risk

❌ You were given information or advice that was wrong

…then you may have a claim for compensation.

pension advisor claim

ClaimExperts.co.uk professional team of lawyers and case managers only deals with mis-selling. We’ll establish whether you have a claim. Then we’ll take that claim to your pension or investment company, the Financial Ombudsman, or court. We’ll make claiming simple. And unless we win, you won’t pay us a penny.

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