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Missold Cool Blue Samui Investments

Have you been missold Cool Blue Samui Investments? If so, we may be able to assist you claim compensation.

Cool Blue Samui Investments

Investments require a lot of knowledge and expertise on the subject. This is especially true for one who plans to put large amounts into an investment, whether it is in stocks or even in real estate. Before making any decision concerning your wealth, you need to know exactly what to expect, the risks involved as well as the trends in the market for that period. Some investments have higher risks than others, with specific ones being termed as high-risk investments.

The Cool Blue Samui is one such example of high-risk investments. It is an overseas property investment that is unregulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. One is required to invest in a villa complex in Koh Samui Island, with the promise of very high returns. One is usually paid through Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP).

High Risk?

Like most overseas investments, the Cool Blue Samui investment is very risky. One puts funds into SIPP, as opposed to other safer pension plans. SIPP allows one to have more choices in terms of investment which is why it is the preferred option for such high-risk investments.

Because of this type of investment with SIPP, once one invests with Cool Blue Samui, any returns or losses would affect their pension. Bad investments on one’s pension may have them facing hardships after retirement, thus there is need to be cautious.

The Cool Blue Samui also has no compensation from the FSCS if things go wrong. Remember that it is unregulated thus all losses are at the cost of the investor.

Who It’s For

Your Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) should be able to tell you which investment option is right for you. They are expected to assess your financial situation as well as the type of person you are and come up with calculated moves when it comes to investing your funds to give you the most favorable results. However, man is to error. Sometimes they may fail to give the best advice. Here are a few pointers to help you see who such an investment is for:

1. Knowledge of investing. High- risk investments like Cool Blue Samui are not for every individual trying to invest. The investments require a very knowledgeable person, one who knows what to expect, when to make a move and which move to make. They would be able to understand the risk involved and use this understanding to make their decision on whether or not to invest. Thus if you are a beginner at investing or only know very little, simply stay away from such insecure investments.

2. High net worth. This type of investment is for individuals with assets of high value or very high earnings. You are placing your pension on very risky areas, so you need to have a safety net. Having a high net worth ensures that unexpected occurrences do not affect your whole income when you retire.

What to do if you’ve already incurred a loss

It is the prerogative of your IFA to give you valid information of the risks involved with such an investment. If they gave you the go-ahead to invest in such high-risk investments, yet you do not fall in any of the two categories mentioned above, then your money may be in danger, and you can make a claim against them.

If you have made losses already from mis-sell by your IFA, you are not alone; many IFAs have misled their clients into bad investments leading to huge losses. However, you can now claim compensation for the mis-sell.

Contact us the

You no longer have to simply live with the large losses made, or be depressed by the shaky retirement you might be facing due to wrong information.

Contact us the and we will help you know if you have a valid claim for compensation. We will take you through a step by step guide, and help you make a claim for your Pension and Investment mis-sell, and then take your claim to the pension or Investment Company or to a court.


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