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Has Your Landlord Failed To Rectify Disrepair On Your Home?

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Do you have ongoing disrepair in your home? Have you complained to your landlord and they have failed to carry out the repairs? Let our expert Housing Solicitors help you with a housing disrepair claim today.

Millions of us in the UK rent our homes, yet many of us are unaware of our rights as tenants. Reports suggests an incredible 97% of us are not familiar with our rights as renters, and this is particularly troublesome for those who have repairs that need to be carried out in the property.

If you rent your home, your landlord is required by law to carry out repairs to the property. It can be very distressing if your landlord refuses to do so, and we understand that safe living conditions are the minimum anyone should expect.

If you have asked your landlord to repair your home and they have refused to do so, you may be eligible for housing disrepair compensation and can get a court order forcing them to repair the problems.

If you believe you have a housing disrepair claim, contact our expert team of housing lawyers today to see if we can help you. Our initial chat is completely free, and we work on a No Win, No Fee basis.


What is Housing Disrepair?

If a property is in disrepair, this means that it requires repairs for it to be determined safe and suitable to live in. This typically applies to rented homes and any other type of rented accommodation.

If you rent your home and it is in disrepair, you can seek compensation for any inconvenience, discomfort, and suffering that you have endured. If you are tenant living in a rented property, your landlord is required by law to ensure:

  • Your home is in a good state of repair structurally
  • There is no rising damp and mould in the property
  • You have access to safe electricity, gas, and water
  • You have working hygiene facilities, such as toilets, basins, sinks
  • Your home is free from vermin and infestations
  • You have a working heating system
  • Your drains and gutters are working correctly
  • Your roof is intact and safe

If any of the above is an issue for you and your home, you may be eligible to claim compensation and force your landlord to carry out repairs. Get in touch with our housing solicitors today to find out.


What are Housing Disrepair Compensation Claims?

A housing disrepair claim occurs when you, the tenant, has reported the issue to your landlord, given them sufficient time to carry out the repairs, and they have failed to carry out the required repairs or ignored you completely.

No one deserves to live in unsafe, cold, and unhealthy living conditions. This type of disrepair claim involves a tenant taking legal action against their landlord to ensure this, making them fix the disrepair, and potentially paying you compensation for your troubles.


What Can I Claim Housing Disrepair Compensation For?

Our housing lawyers have seen various types of housing disrepair claims over the years. The main cases relate to:

Damp and Mould

This occurs where a landlord has failed to deal with rising damp and mould. This sort of disrepair can cause a number of health issues, affecting breathing and your chest, particularly for children and older people. If your landlord is refusing to get rid of damp or mould, or is contesting whether it exists, we can help.

Unsafe Flooring and/or Staircases

Issues with the floorboards or faulty stairs can cause severe personal injuries. If you have pointed out the problems with your flooring and stairs and your landlord is refusing to carry out the required work, we can assist you.

Faulty Electrics

Having faulty electric outlets in the property can cause to massive injury. Your landlord should always ensure your home can pass an electrical safety certificate and that any loose wires or dodgy outlets are fixed as soon as possible.

Gas and Water Leaks

Gas and water leaks can cause massive problems for your home. Gas, in particular, can be lethal and should be fixed as soon as possible. If your landlord is refusing to help, our housing solicitors can help.

Faulty or unsafe Heating System

Having hot water and heat in your home is required by law. If you have a faulty boiler or heating system and your landlord refuses to fix it, you may have a claim for compensation.

Issues with other parts of home

Rotten doors and window frames, broken fences and gates, loose tiles and brickwork. All of these could constitute housing disrepair.

Infestations – Rats, Mice, Insects etc.

Failing to deal with an infestation can lead to massive discomfort to you and, in some cases, issues surrounding your health.


How Can Housing Solicitors Help Me?

Our Housing Solicitors are experts in bringing claims against rogue landlords. We want to help tenants live in a safe, warm environment, without fear of being evicted.

Our Housing Disrepair Lawyers can lodge a claim on your behalf against your landlord, sending a letter to enforce them to carry out the repairs. If they refuse, we can take your landlord to court, though the majority of disputes are often settled outside of court.

Our team work under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (LTA), which outlines all of your landlord’s responsibilities and obligations.


No Win, No Fee Housing Solicitors

Our expert housing disrepair lawyers also work on a No Win, No Fee basis, meaning if your housing claim is unsuccessful, you do not pay us anything at all.

We understand that those suffering from housing disrepairs are often not in the financial position to pay legal fees.

This is why we offer No Win, No Fee, which allows everyone to seek the legal representation they deserve, without the worry of adverse financial effects. In the unlikely event we are unsuccessful, you will have nothing to pay.

Speak to our team to find out more about funding options.


How Much Notice Does My Landlord Need?

You will need to notify your landlord as soon as you discover your disrepair, otherwise you will not be able to bring about a claim. You are required to notify your landlord via email, text message, via letter, or in person (though we advise keeping evidence of the interaction):

  • 21 Days before filing a housing disrepair claim

As mentioned above, email or text is recommended as you will have time and date evidence of you notifying your landlord.


How Much Can I Claim From My Landlord?

Every housing disrepair claim varies in severity, so we cannot determine how much you may be entitled until you get in touch with our experts. However, we can detail what damages you can seek. These include:

Damage to Property

Mould and rising damp can cause damage to property, including clothes and other possessions such as computers and TVs. If they have been damaged, you claim the cost of them back via compensation.

Personal Injury

Housing Disrepair can cause a number of personal injuries. These include pneumonia from the damp and cold, asthma, injury from falling, carbon monoxide poisoning, gastrointestinal problems, and mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

General Inconvenience and Suffering

You do not need to have suffered an injury to claim compensation either. You can receive compensation if the disrepair has caused you inconveniences and suffering. For example, if you have been unable to use the bathroom or unable to cook.


Will I Need Evidence for Housing Disrepair Claim?

Yes, in order to lodge a successful claim you will need to provide us with some evidence. This includes:

  • A copy of your tenancy agreement
  • Copies of correspondence between you and your landlord – emails, texts, letters
  • Photos of the disrepair, with dates on if possible
  • Photos of your damaged property, with receipts of the property if you have had to replace items
  • Medical reports indicating your health issues
  • Any other expert evidence, for example, reports from a surveyor or an Environmental Health Officer

All of this evidence goes into building your housing disrepair claim and greatly help your case.


Am I Eligible to Claim Disrepair Compensation?

While each case is different, our expert housing lawyers will be able to tell you relatively quickly whether you have a claim for compensation. The criteria for an eligible claim includes:

  • Whether you rent your home privately or through social housing
  • The severity of the housing disrepair
  • Whether you live in a house of flat
  • The effect the disrepair has had on your health
  • The length of time the disrepair has been present
  • How often you have informed your landlord of the disrepair
  • The steps your landlord has taken to repair the house

Our advice would be to contact us today if you believe you have a claim for compensation, as we can inform you if you have a good chance of succeeding with your claim.


Is There Legal Aid for Housing Disrepair Claims?

Despite legal funding being cut in 2013 for this type of case, your housing disrepair claim may be covered by legal aid in certain circumstances. In order for you to be eligible, you must show that the disrepair is causing a severe and immediate health hazard.

Legal Aid is also only applicable to those on a low income. You must have no savings or savings below £8,000. You will also usually not qualify if your total monthly income before tax is over £2,657.

You will automatically qualify if you currently receive universal credit or income support.

Our solicitors can talk you through legal aid and other funding options.


How Can We Help With Your Housing Disrepair Claim?

Are you trying to get your landlord to carry out repairs in your home? Are they ignoring you or refusing to budge? Let our housing solicitors help you force your landlord to carry out the repairs, and potentially pay you compensation for any damages.

Our legal team has experience of bringing successful claims against rogue landlords who fail to carry out repairs. We are regulated and authorised by the Solicitors Regulation.

At ClaimExperts.co.uk we make claiming for housing disrepair compensation easy:

  • No Win, No Fee*
  • No Upfront Payments
  • An Expert Team
  • Regulated and Authorised by The Solicitors Regulation Authority

If you would like to speak to one of our UK Housing Disrepair Solicitors you can do by calling 0800 0155 687, or by completing our enquiry form.

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