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Store First Storage Pod Investment

Have you been missold Storage Pod Investments? If so, we may be able to assist you claim compensation.

Storage Pod Investments

Have you been mis-sold a storage pod investment operated by Store First, a Group First Company? If so, we may be able to assist you claim compensation.

There has been a lot of mis-selling in the UK of late. Most of the financial advisers and investment brokers do so out of greed and negligence.

With, there is hope as we tackle this issue by representing investors who have been duped by these unscrupulous brokers and financial investment advisers. If you have a case of mis –sold SIPPs like storage pods or have a storage pods claim, then you have come to the right place.

At, we are a dedicated team of professionals who will ensure that you get your money back.

With us, you will get free assessment to establish if you have a compensation claim. Once we establish that you have a claim indeed, then we will take up your case and the best part is that you pay us after we have won the case.

As our name suggests, we are the Claims Experts and we will use our experience, knowledge and strategy to see that you have received justice.

Reasons for Making an Investment Claim against Your Broker

There has been a lot of mis-selling especially in the Self-investment Personal Pension (SIPP), Store First and the Storage Pod investment schemes. On these fronts, there is a high chance that there was mis-selling and you are eligible for compensation.

Have you been mis-sold SIPP, we are here to help!

SIPP simply stands for Self – invested Personal Pension. The mis-selling happens when you are advised to move your savings to a personal pension program. At, we are here for you as we assist you to recover your finances as a result of being poorly or wrongly advised by your financial adviser or broker to make this type of investment.

What are SIPPs?

They are investment options where you transfer your saving to various investments and portfolios so that you can make passive income.

Through these investments, you grow your retirement or pension funds. However, employers do not contribute to SIPPs which leads people to lose their pension especially when their financial advisors mismanage their portfolios or once the investments do not yield any returns. Investors have incurred huge losses especially on storage first storage pods SIPPs.

Why Use

At, we follow up on your case to ensure that you receive your investment back in full. Once we establish that you have a claim indeed, then we will take up your case and the best part is that you pay us after we have won the case.

Why Should You Make a Claim on SIPPs?

If you have invested in any SIPP, then you should be reaping a huge profit- if you are not, then it is most likely that you were mis- sold. Additionally, SIPPs are unregulated and the investment brokers know as much, therefore it is wrong for them to advise you to invest in such a scheme.

Store First Storage Pods

Store First is a financial investment company which promised investors that they will make a guaranteed 8% ROI (return on investment) in the initial 2 years and thereafter make 10% in the following years.

As it later emerged, these were false promises as the investors received no cash from the Storage pods since there was no demand for warehouse storage space.

How do Storage Pod Investments work?

Well, the investment broker asks you to invest a certain amount of money to buy a storage-pod. Once the storage pod is rented out; you are given a certain percentage of the proceeds. However, many investment brokers do not tell you that the Storage Pod investments are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, this makes them very risky. Additionally, they easily become very difficult to sell due to their low open market demand.

Why Should You Make a Claim on Store First Storage Pods?

You need to make a claim because of untrue promises like a return of 13,000 Euros over a period of 6 years on a 15,000 euros investment. What is more, investors have suffered massive losses because there is no demand for the storage pods. As a matter of fact, the storage units are valued at 0 euros. Therefore instead of getting the 8 or 10% ROI, the investor gets absolutely nothing.

If You Have A Mis-Sold Store Pod Claim, You Have Come To The Right Place

At, we will conduct a free assessment to establish if you have a claim against your financial adviser. We are a team of dedicated experts who will not rest until you receive back your money from these unscrupulous investment advisors. You can simply do so by completing the quick enquiry form.

Why Us?

If you want any compensation including compensation from Storage First, we are the company to turn to for help. We are a well-established firm who has helped many customers get justice.

Start your claim today by receiving a no-obligation pension review, simply complete the form and one of our experienced advisers will be in touch.

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