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Have You Purchased A Car Park Space Investment?

Have you been missold an airport car park space investment? If so, we may be able to assist you claim compensation.

Airport Car Parking Space Investments are often sold with the assurance of a high level of return which can seem attractive to most novice and intermediate investors.

Occasionally, the investment promoter offers the first and sometimes the second year return on day one.

The reality however is that the initial return is your own money being repaid to you which is factored into the purchase price.

More often than not, the car park doesn’t generate enough profit to repay the high levels of returns offered.

Future returns are repaid using the money generated from additional car park space sales. This makes this investment scheme a Ponzi.

If you have purchased a car parking space it could have been mis-sold to you and we may be able to assist you make a claim for compensation.

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