Missold Auhua Clean Energy Investment, Missold Auhua Clean Energy Investment, ClaimExperts.co.uk, ClaimExperts.co.uk
Missold Auhua Clean Energy Investment, Missold Auhua Clean Energy Investment, ClaimExperts.co.uk, ClaimExperts.co.uk

Have You Purchased An Auhua Clean Energy Investment?

Have you been missold an Auhua Clean Energy Investment? If so, we may be able to assist you claim compensation.

Auhua Clean Energy Investment Claim

If you are one of the unlucky investors who were advised to invest in Auhua, then you need to contact ClaimExperts.co.uk since you might have been mis-sold.

The reason being Auhua uses your money as an investor to develop green technologies like heating water using solar power and other green technologies.

The company operates in China in the Shandong province through Weihua Auhua new energy and Shandong Auhua new energy. Although the company is based in China and it is listed on the London Stock Exchange, you might still be eligible for a claim. The merit of your case depends on how the company was sold to you and the manner in which you invested in the company.

What is AIM?

AIM stands for Alternative Investment Market like the Auhua investment scheme. The difference between this type of investment and the normal investment is that they are more risky.

The primary reason is because they are not regulated by the FCA. Such schemes are not recommended for people who are starting out on investments unless you have a lot of cash and can afford to lose a large sum without your financials suffering.

Alternatively, people with immense investing and trading knowledge can invest in such schemes- although experience is not a guarantee that you will not get burned.

Did We Mention?

Did we tell you that at ClaimsExperts.co.uk we will help you to make a claim against Auhua? If we take up your case and in the unlikely event we do not win, we will charge you absolutely nothing.

We will do it for free to prevent any more losses on your side. Additionally, at ClaimsExperts.co.uk we do not charge any upfront fee whatsoever.

What’s more, we have a very qualified team of experts who have helped many people recover their cash-our track record speaks for itself.

Why Do You Need ClaimsExperts.co.uk

Unless you fall into the aforementioned categories (very rich-you do not mind losing millions of pounds, or you are very experienced in trading), then you need a Claims Expert and we are the best in the market.

If you invested in the company without the full knowledge of the risk you were undertaking, then you need us. Many financial advisors and brokers are after the commission they get and as such fail to inform their clients of the full extent of the risk they are taking.

Receiving half-truths from financial brokers and advisors is a violation of the law and that is why at ClaimExperts.co.uk we do everything in our power to see that you have not lost your investment.

If you invested in Auhua, then you need to get in touch with us through 0800 0155 687 or by filling in the enquiry form.

We Are Here To Help

At ClaimsExperts.co.uk, we understand the pain of losing your entire pension to fraudulent schemes and scams. That is why we are here to help. If you are one of the investors who was mis-sold Auhua and invested in the company through SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension), then we are looking for you. We shall conduct an initial free of charge assessment to validate your case, once we confirm its merit, we will proceed to file the case. You can reach us through 0800 0155 687 or by filling the no obligation inquiry form.

How Can You Contact Us

We strongly believe that you should keep what is rightfully yours and no one should take it away from you. That is why we have made it easy for you to reach us, you can contact us through 0800 0155 687 or by filling the inquiry form. It takes less than 20 seconds to do so.

Why Should I Provide the Information?

The purpose of the information you provide is to help us do a free assessment on your case. The assessment helps us to determine whether you have a case against your financial advisor for mis-selling.

It does matter if you have fallen victim of an investment like the Auhua Clean Energy Investment or any other form, like SIPPs, SERPs, annuity- name it, we are here for you.

Talk To Us About Your Mis-sold Auhua Clean Energy Investment Today.

Our initial assessments are FREE and they come without any obligations to continue.

After your assessment has taken place and if it looks like you can make a claim, you will then be given the option to do so on a no win-no fee basis.*