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Injuries from Police Negligence Claims

Have you suffered an injury as a result of police negligence? You could be entitled to compensation, while also getting an official apology from the police force. Find out today if you can claim by getting in touch with our expert panel of police complaint solicitors.

Negligence, in this sense, can be defined as  the “failure to take proper care over something.” Taken in the context of the law, it translates to the failure of reasonable use or a breach of a duty of care that can result in damage or injury to another. 

There is no excuse for police negligence. There is no excuse for forgetting to act appropriately or following ethical rules. Negligence, especially by a person of authority like the police, can harm anyone and have lasting effects.

Police negligence can stem from various incidents, including obstruction of justice, failure to investigate criminal activity, involvement in illegal activities, and discrimination. Any act that violates the Police Code of Conduct can result in police negligence.

If you have been subjected to police negligence, would like to file a complaint, and claim for compensation but do not know what to do, our panel of solicitors can help you. Our highly skilled and experienced panel of solicitors will guide and help you understand your situation.


What is police negligence?

Police negligence happens when a police officer neglects or fails to perform their duties and responsibilities with proper care, urgency, and diligence. This negligence can cause harm and serious repercussions that can otherwise be avoided had the officer acted accordingly. 

Police officers are expected to truthfully carry out their duty of care, which means protecting the people by doing everything in their power to detect and prevent criminal activities. As such, cases involving police negligence should be addressed immediately so measures and improvements can be set in place. 

If you suffered (or are suffering) due to police negligence, you can file a complaint and claim for compensation against the offending officer. It is vital to know what to prepare and what steps to take to strengthen your claim.

  • You have to collect evidence to support your claim. Photos and videos are the best examples.
  • Gather contact details of everyone involved, including the witnesses. They might be required to share their testimony about the incident.
  • If you were injured, you have to get immediate medical attention. You should go to a hospital where your injury can be treated. Make sure that you record everything.
  • Take note of all the financial losses and expenses you incurred throughout the process. This should include hospitalisation and medication costs, prescription costs, transportation or travel charges, and income you lost as you had to stop working because of the injury.


Can you claim compensation for police negligence?

Any police officer who neglects their duty of care can be sued for police negligence. However, you must be able to show proof of the incident, including any injury incurred as a result of the officer’s negligent act. 

Our panel of police negligence solicitors will be able to tell you if you have a valid claim for compensation.

What can be claimed for after police negligence?

If you were subjected to police negligence, these are several things  you can claim for in relation to your police negligence compensation claim:

  • Damages – This refers to the compensation the offending police officer owes you for the physical and psychological pain and injuries the incident caused you.
  • Loss of income – This is compensation that you should get in exchange for the income or earnings that you lost after the police misconduct. If you have an injury or injuries, you will most likely miss work or lose it. This compensation is also for loss of future income.
  • Care – This compensation claim is what you need to recover from the repercussions of the police misconduct. This is money that you can use for the required while you are recovering at home. Your caregiver may also file for a care claim.
  • Medical expenses – This compensation will take care of your hospital or medical expenses, treatment costs, counselling fees, and prescriptions. 
  • Travel expenses – This is the compensation that will cover for your expenses as you travel to and from the hospital, therapy clinic, or counselling centre. It will also cover any cost related to alternative travel arrangements or vehicle changes and adjustments you had to make as a result of the incident. 


Common types of police negligence 

The most common types of police negligence are the following:

  • When an innocent individual is taken into custody without providing any explanation or reason for the detention
  • When an innocent individual is arrested without any legally valid reason, including inadequate evidence
  • When an on-duty officer physically assaults or attacks an innocent individual
  • When falsified evidence is used to arrest an innocent individual


How can help?

Filing a complaint and a compensation claim against the offending police officer in a police negligence case can often be confusing and challenging. You may need the guidance and help of an experienced and committed group of actions against the police solicitors.

Our panel of solicitors at has the knowledge and skills necessary for pursuing claims against the police and other parties with police powers. They have the legal expertise to give you the advantage in your claim for police negligence compensation.

Ready To Get Started? provides a free educational service to the public, and connects potential claimants with pre-vetted legal firms operating on our panel. 

Our panel of legal firms all:

  • Operate on a No-Win, No Fee Basis
  • Require No Upfront Fees
  • Are Regulated by either the FCA or SRA

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