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Sexual And Physical Abuse Compensation Claim

Have you suffered from sexual or physical abuse? If you are ready to talk, we are ready to listen. Our panel of abuse solicitors can provide confidential legal advice and help you receive the compensation you deserve.

If you have been a victim of sexual or physical abuse, we understand how difficult it is to come forward and discuss it. We also know that no amount of money can ever fix or takeaway the pain you suffered.

We do, however, think that if you are entitled to compensation, you should rightfully be able to claim it, without any worry of losing your anonymity. This is why our expert panel of abuse solicitors can help you start your sexual and physical abuse compensation claim confidentially. They will guide you through the process, every step of the way, and can be a helping hand when you need it most.

If you would like more information on the sexual and physical abuse claim process, or for a free, private, initial chat with one of our panel of experts, get in touch today.


Confidential Sexual and Physical Abuse Solicitors

Here, at, our panel of solicitors we have created have over 70 years of experience in helping people get justice. The panel understands how traumatic making an abuse claim can be, so they offer a fully confidential, compassionate, and effective claims service for those who wish to make a sexual and physical abuse compensation claim.

Because we believe everyone is entitled to justice and legal representation, our panel offer the majority of our cases on a No Win, No Fee basis. We do not want you to feel any financial strain for bringing forward a claim, and you will only pay us if your case is successful.

Our supportive and knowledgeable panel of abuse solicitors will help you on the road to justice and the compensation you deserve. When you are ready to talk, our panel are ready to listen.


Is it possible to claim compensation if you have been abused?

If you have been physically or sexually abused, there has been a criminal offence committed. Not only this, but you have also suffered physical and emotional pain. So, like any other personal injury case, you should be compensated for your suffering.

The compensation will cover things like loss of earnings if you have been unable to work, any treatment you have needed since the abuse took place, and will also take into pain and suffering.

If you or a loved one has been abused, our friendly panel will talk you through the claiming process, step-by-step.


Who pays the compensation for Sexual and Physical Abuse claims?

Compensation claims for sexual and physical abuse are made under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). This is a Government scheme that was created to compensate victims of criminal behaviour, for their injuries, suffering and any loss of earnings.

If our panel of solicitors believe you have a suitable case, they may be able to fund it under a Contingency Fee Agreement, which works in much the same way as a No Win, No Fee agreement.


How much compensation can I claim for Sexual and Physical Abuse?

There is no exact amount of compensation for sexual and physical abuse claims as each case is different. Our panel of abuse lawyers will assess your case, based on the extent of the physical, emotional and/or psychological injury.

We will, with medical advice, assess whether further medical treatment is needed, as well as calculate any money lost as a result of the abuse.


What is the most common type of abuse cases?

Our panel have experience in a number of abuse cases that vary in severity and circumstance. Some of the most common types of cases are:

  • Abuse suffered from within the family
  • Abuse suffered as a child in local authority or foster care
  • Abuse suffered from a person of trust, such as a priest or teacher
  • Abuse of the elderly in a nursing or care home
  • Sexual of physical abuse as an adult
  • A failure by Social Services to protect a child from abuse

If you have suffered sexual or physical abuse, let our friendly, confidential panel of expert abuse solicitors be by your side.


Is there a time limit for bringing Sexual and Physical Abuse claims?

Sexual and physical abuse claims fall under personal injury law. This means you have three years to make a claim.

However, due to the nature of these type of claims, the court often exercises discretion to extend the limitation.

In addition to this, cases of sexual or physical abuse must be taken to the police before you can claim compensation. There is no time limit, however, for making a police report, meaning historical child abuse claims can be lodged years after the initial abuse occurred. 

We realise talking to someone about your sexual or physical is a tough thing to do. Making that first step could be the first step to recovery, and also the first step to deserved compensation for your pain.


Will my case be anonymous, or will everyone find out if I claim?

The law makes it abundantly clear – victims of sexual and physical abuse are entitled to proper criminal and civil justice with total anonymity. If you wish to stay anonymous throughout your case, you can rest assured that will be adhered to. Our panel of solicitors are mindful of this and are specialists at keeping your identity hidden throughout the claims process. 


How can our panel help you?

If you are ready to talk, our experts are ready to listen. The panel behind has a combined 70+ years of experience in helping people like you who have suffered sexual or physical abuse.

Through our network of high profile abuse specialists, we are able to direct your enquiry to the most appropriate sexual and physical abuse solicitor. They offer:

  • 70+ Years Combined Experience
  • Hassle-Free Service
  • Quick and Easy Form
  • 100% Risk-Free – No Win, No Fee
  • Knowledgeable, Friendly, Confidential Team
  • Fully regulated by the SRA or FCA
  • Free No Obligation Check

Contact the panel today to find out how they can help you with your sexual and physical abuse claim.

Ready To Get Started? provides a free educational service to the public, and connects potential claimants with pre-vetted legal firms operating on our panel. 

Our panel of legal firms all:

  • Operate on a No-Win, No Fee Basis
  • Require No Upfront Fees
  • Are Regulated by either the FCA or SRA

Start your claim today by completing the quick enquiry form below.

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