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Road Traffic Accident Claims

Have you or a loved one suffered an injury as a result of a road traffic accident? Find out today if you could be owed compensation through a No Win, No Fee road traffic accident claim.

Every year, there are thousands of accidents on the road in the UK. Many of these car accidents are avoidable and can be put down to driver error or negligence. If you have suffered an injury due to someone else’s error, you are entitled to compensation.

On the road in 2019 alone, there were:

  • 153,158 casualties of all severities in reported road traffic accidents
  • 25,945 seriously injured casualties in reported road traffic accidents

Many of these accidents left their victims in serious pain, without a vehicle, and severely out of pocket. If you have suffered a similar accident, our specialist panel of road traffic accident solicitors can help you begin your journey to claiming the compensation that is rightfully owed to you.


What is a Road Traffic Accident Claim?

A road traffic accident is defined by law as being a collision involving a vehicle on a road or public area that has caused damage or injury to a person, another vehicle, or property.

You can be a victim of an RTA whether you were the driver of the car, a passenger, a pedestrian, on a bicycle, or on a motorbike when the injury occurred.

A road traffic accident claim relates to seeking compensation for the pain, suffering and additional expenses that you might have suffered as a result of the injury.


No Win, No Fee Road Traffic Accident Claims

Here at, we believe anyone who has suffered a road traffic accident through no fault of their own deserves the appropriate legal support. This is why our panel offer No Win, No Fee road traffic injury claims to ensure there is no financial risk to you when they take your claim on.

You will have nothing to pay upfront when you begin your claim and, in the unlikely circumstance your case is unsuccessful, you will not have anything to pay. Our panel of road traffic accident solicitors will keep you updated throughout your case to discuss how much you will look to receive in compensation. There will be no hidden or unexpected fees anywhere along the way.


How much compensation could I be owed if I have a RTA claim?

Every car accident claim is different, and generally speaking there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to working out compensation. Having said this, our panel of solicitor work within guidelines when working out compensation for road traffic accident claims.

N.B. Please be aware that the way many road traffic accidents are calculated is changing from April 2021. Compensation calculations for whiplash and other soft-tissue injuries will be reduced. You can find more information on this here.


How long do Road Traffic Accident claims take?

Every road traffic accident claim is unique, and the amount of time it takes can be determined by whether liability is admitted, whether there were witnesses, and how severe your injuries are.

Having said this, our expert panel of solicitors would look to settle a relatively straight forward RTA case within between 6-9 months. Some more complex cases that involve serious injuries can take several years to settle, though this is very rare.


Can I still claim compensation if the accident was my fault?

If you believe the accident was your fault it is still worth speaking to one of our panel experts. It may be that you were only partly to blame. In this case, you can accept what is known as “Split Liability”, where you may still be able to receive compensation if someone else was also partially at fault.

When you contact our panel, they will give you an honest view. If they believe your case is not worth pursuing, they will tell you.


Can only the driver of the car claim compensation?

No, this isn’t the case. Road traffic accidents can affect a number of individuals, from pedestrians to other innocent bystanders. Our panel of road traffic injury solicitors will discuss your options if you were a passenger during a road traffic accident.

This also includes those who have suffered an injury as a result of travelling on a bus or taxi as a passenger.


Is there a time limit for claiming Road Traffic Accident compensation?

Yes, there is. The time limit for claiming compensation from a road traffic accident injury is:

  • Over 18 – Three years from the date the accident happened, or, three years from the moment you were aware of the injuries
  • Under 18 – Three years from your 18th So, before your 21st birthday


Start your Road Traffic Accident Compensation Claim Today

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident and have suffered injuries, you may be entitled to compensation. Let us help you determine if you have a case, and if so, how much you could claim back in compensation.

The panel of experts behind has a combined 70+ years of experience in helping people like you who have been hurt in a road traffic accident that was not their fault. 

Through our network of high profile road traffic injury specialists, we are able to direct your enquiry to the most appropriate RTA solicitor. Our panel offer:

  • 70+ Years Combined Experience in Personal Injury Claims
  • Hassle-Free Service
  • Quick and Easy Form
  • 100% Risk-Free – No Win, No Fee
  • Knowledgeable, Friendly, Professional Team
  • Fully regulated by the SRA or FCA
  • Free No Obligation Check

Contact the panel today to find out how they can help you start your road traffic accident compensation claim journey.

Ready To Get Started? provides a free educational service to the public, and connects potential claimants with pre-vetted legal firms operating on our panel. 

Our panel of legal firms all:

  • Operate on a No-Win, No Fee Basis
  • Require No Upfront Fees
  • Are Regulated by either the FCA or SRA

Start your claim today by completing the quick enquiry form below.

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