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Missold Aigo SIPP Fund

Have you been missold an Aigo SIPP Fund? If so, we may be able to assist you claim compensation.

Aigo SIPP Pension Fund

Have you lost your pension money by investing in the Aigo Fund?

The Aigo Fund was petitioned to be wound up on the 12th July 2018 and the case was heard at the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

The Aigo Fund is a ‘loan note ‘ property investment scheme where investors pension funds were transferred to one or more of the following, with a promise of annual coupon payments;

  • Aigo Commercial Holdings
  • Aigo Residential Holdings
  • Aigo Equity Fund
  • Aigo Natural Resources

FCA guidance issued in 2013 to remind SIPP providers of their regulatory responsibilities in relation to SIPP investments has not always been taken on board, some SIPP companies heeded the warnings made by the FCA in not allowing individuals to invest in nonstandard and unregulated investments within their SIPP and some didn’t.

It is clear that SIPP provider Guiness Mahon was one of the providers that allowed these high risk investments in the Aigon Fund until 2016, long after the FCA highlighted that high risk investments were unsuitable for the average working class people and as such, you may have a claim to be made.

Investors may have been mis-sold the Aigo Fund if they were not fully informed of its high risk nature, being floated on the Mauritius Stock Exchange and therefore outside the jurisdiction of the Financial Services Watch dog, the FCA.

For a financial adviser to recommend the Aigo Fund they should have checked that you were a high-net worth individual and sophisticated investor, if not your financial adviser may have been negligent in recommending the Aigo Fund to you and you may have a claim to be made against them. is regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority. We have experience with assisting clients with winning compensation for being mis sold this type of investment.

If you feel you have a potential claim please feel free to complete the quick enquiry form on this page or click here to complete a more in-depth questionnaire.

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