mis sold, Mis-Sold SIPP Pension And Mismanagement Claim, ClaimExperts.co.uk

Has Your Financial Advisor Missold or Mismanaged Your SIPP?

mis sold, Mis-Sold SIPP Pension And Mismanagement Claim, ClaimExperts.co.uk

We Can Help You Claim Compensation

Are you due compensation for a Mis-sold SIPP?

Mis Sold SIPP? We may be able to help you Claim £000s.

This isn’t an attack against financial advisors. When you’re dealing with complex financial arrangements (and SIPPs can certainly be complex) you need expert pension SIPP advice you can trust, and the vast majority of financial advisors are diligent and professional in the work they do.

But occasionally mistakes happen. And occasionally, some financial advisors do things they shouldn’t while managing a pension SIPP.

If you’ve been paying into a SIPP or other pension that has been managed by your financial advisor, and you’ve lost money, you may be able to make a mis-sold SIPP claim.

What Is A SIPP Pension?

SIPPs are Self Invested Personal Pensions, designed to offer a better return than standard pensions or investment funds. You use your pension ‘pot’ to make a series of investments into a number of funds. Over time, the value of the funds should increase, giving you a healthy return to fund your retirement.

A Pension SIPP is a complex investment and few people know the market well enough to feel confident investing solo. That’s why they ask their financial advisor. In some cases we’ve dealt with though, that’s where the problems have started.

Can I Make A Claim For Mis Sold SIPP Compensation?

The criteria below highlights the common areas for pension SIPP mis-selling.

  • Were the risks full explained to you?
    Was there certain risks attached to your SIPP that were not explained when you agreed to invest?
  • Was the SIPP investment an unsuitable scheme
    Despite is not being suitable to your own needs, were you advised to move your existing private pension fund to a new, higher return scheme?
  • Were there unexplained fees?
    Was there any additional costs and/or surprise fees  attached to the SIPP investment that you weren’t made aware of from the start?
  • Pressure selling
    At the time of taking your SIPP pension did you feel pressured into moving your pension into something you did not actually need or want?
  • Did you loose your investment?
    Have you made significant financial losses as a direct result of any of the above issues?

In some instances, we’ve also seen examples of SIPP fund managers working with unregulated third parties.

If your investments are being managed by an unregulated third party, you’ve no control over where your money is invested, and how risky those investments are.

And if something goes wrong, you won’t have the protection of the FCA.

This form of SIPP mis-management has led to many people losing a large percentage – and sometimes all – of their pension fund.

If that, or something similar has happened to you, we can help you get it back.

Mis-managed Pension SIPP Compensation – How Much Will I Get?

Calculating the amount of compensation you will get for your SIPPs claim which you may be entitled to in cases of Pension SIPP mismanagement is a complex process, but it could amount to £000s.

It won’t cost you a penny to find out if you could make a pension SIPP claim, and if you do have a  SIPP claim, we’ll handle everything for you.

Why Work With Us For Your Pension SIPP Claims?

Every financial adviser owes a duty of care to his or her clients, not just in the products they recommend, but in the way those products are managed.

If you’ve lost money because your pension SIPP hasn’t been managed correctly, you may have a claim.

ClaimExperts.co.uk deals with all forms of pension and investment mis-selling and compensation, including pension SIPP mis-selling.

We’re regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority.

We always keep the lines of communication open – so if you need to talk to us about your claim, you can.

We know that working out whether you have been affected by SIPP mis-selling or incorrect pensions advice can be complex. Let us make it simpler.

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