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Did you bank with The RBS and was your business placed into GRG (Global Restructuring Group)?

Discover How To Claim Compensation Against The RBS

We may be able to help you claim compensation if you suffered a financial loss due to being placed within the RBS Global Restructuring Group (GRG)

Does your company bank with the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and has it incurred a loss after being transferred into the Global Restructuring Group (GRG)?

If the answer is yes, we would like to assist you to claim financial compensation.

What is the RBS Global Restructuring Group (GRG)?

Between 2008 and 2013, the GRG at Natwest and RBS’s was established by the banks as a business support unit for businesses experiencing financial difficulties.

The idea of behind the GRG was to offer its troubled clients extra care and assistance and nurse them back to solvency.

The reality however was much the opposite due to a culture of exploitation where many of the banks customers were treaded unfairly.

Why Do I Have A GRG Claim?

The FCA recently published a report which stated it had, “significant concerns” with how SME customers were treated by the RBS Global Restructuring Group.

The damning FCA report said that the RBS failed to support its commercial customers with an ethical and well thought out turnaround practice.

It also highlighted that the RBS had placed undue focus on pricing increases and debt reduction without considering the long-term consequences to its customers.

More alarmingly, the FCA stated the bank had failed to identify customer complaints and handle them fairly.

The affected companies were charged overly complex fees and was subjected to other treatments which in some instances over burned the company with debt and pushed them in to an insolvent state.

In some instance the RBS disposed of company assets at prices which may have been at an undervalue; selling them off to other companies associated with RBS.

How Much Compensation Am I Entitled To?

The RBS has announced is has set aside a total of £400,000,000 to compensate is SME customers. Within the FCA report it announced there could be as many as 16,000 affected businesses.

Are you one of the many companies affect? Discover how ClaimExperts.co.uk can hep you claim compensation.

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