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Have you been mis-sold solar panels by I-Power Systems and promised returns that never came? We may be able to help you claim compensation.

Have you been mis-sold solar panels by I-Power Systems? Claim Experts can help.

If you have purchased a solar panel system from I-Power Systems, you may be currently wondering why you haven’t had the returns on investment you were promised. You are not alone, and Claim Experts are pursuing a number of solar panel companies, and the funders of the purchases, for compensation.


Who were I-Power Systems?

Incorporated on – 12th September 2011

Dissolved on – 11th August 2019

Company type – Private Limited Company

Based – Unit 2 Railway Court, Ten Pound Walk, Doncaster, DN4 5FB

I-Power Systems were a solar panel installation company based in Doncaster. Like many solar panel companies, they used high-pressure sales tactics to convince people to take out loans, in order to fund their solar panel purchases. Most consumers were provided with a credit facility from Creation Consumer Finance Ltd, where a loan was paid over 10 years.

Despite being told the solar panel systems would make them a profit after repaying the loan, many customers of I-Power Systems were left seriously out of pocket after the PV solar panel systems were underperforming.

Before the firm dissolved, they were investigated by Renewable Energy Consumer Code on numerous occasions after selling systems which were not living up to their proposed performance.


How can Claim Experts help?

If you have been left out of pocket by purchasing solar panels from I-Power Systems, Claim Experts can help you claim compensation and repay the loan you took out to fund the purchase.

We have been instructed by several clients who have advised us that they were misled into purchasing solar panels using a finance agreement (or part funded by way of a credit card). They were told that the solar panels would be an investment, that the solar panels would pay for themselves, and in some cases that if the solar panels produced a surplus amount of electricity that they could then sell the surplus electricity.

If you have purchased solar panels from I-Power Systems using a method of credit in the last six years, our experienced team of solicitors can help you recover compensation for any losses that you may have suffered.

This compensation can cover include:

  • your initial investment;
  • any balance of your finance agreement;
  • the cost of removing the solar panels;
  • and the cost to make good any damage to your property.


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