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DHS Renewables - Mis-sold Solar Panels

Have you been mis-sold solar panels by DHS Renewables and promised returns that never came? Our panel of expert Mis-sold Solar Panel Solicitors may be able to help you claim compensation. 

Many UK residents have purchased similar solar panel systems.  They were told it would generate income after it paid off the loan they took out to purchase them. However, many people have not received the promised returns and are now left scratching their heads.

These solar panel companies often use high-pressure tactics and confusing figures to convince people into purchasing the systems. After they purchase the system, using a finance agreement, they are left with solar panels that aren’t performing, and a huge amount of debt.

Who were DHS Renewables?

Incorporated on – 16th May 2013

Dissolved on – 7th April 2020

Company type – Private Limited Company

Based – Unit 11 Central Business Park, Southcoate Road, Bournemouth Dorset BH1 3SJ

DHS Renewables were a Bournemouth-based solar panel company selling solar panel PV systems. Their single, one-star review on states:

Under no circumstances employ these people. They take money for work they can’t do. They don’t refund. Avoid at all costs.

They also ran into trouble with  Renewable Energy Consumer Code in 2017 after refusing to refund a customer after they cancelled within the cancelation period.

Like many of the solar panel companies, DHS Renewables have dissolved in the past 12 months. This is due to the ongoing coverage of the practices of these firms and the mis-selling involved.

However, Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act protects consumers who have purchased items costing over £100 using a finance agreement or credit card. This means if you have used a finance agreement to purchase the solar panels, Claims Experts can still bring a claim against the finance provider if there has been mis-selling.


How can Claim Experts help?

If you have been left out of pocket by purchasing solar panels from DHS Renewables, Claim Experts can help you claim compensation and repay the loan you took out to fund the purchase.

Our panel have been instructed by several clients who have advised us that they were misled into purchasing solar panels using a finance agreement (or part funded by way of a credit card). They were told that the solar panels would be an investment, that the solar panels would pay for themselves, and in some cases that if the solar panels produced a surplus amount of electricity that they could then sell the surplus electricity.

If you have purchased solar panels from DHS Renewables using a method of credit in the last six years, our experienced team of advisors can help you recover compensation for any losses that you may have suffered.

This compensation can cover include:

  • your initial investment;
  • any balance of your finance agreement;
  • the cost of removing the solar panels;
  • and the cost to make good any damage to your property.


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