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Join Our Solicitor Panel

Are you a solicitor or law firm who wants to join our ever-expanding legal panel? Do you want more quantity of a particular type of claim? If you have expertise in any of our claim types, get in touch to find out how we can work together.

Here at, we collaborate with a number of companies across many different regions of the UK in order to bring the best possible legal service to our clients. We have created a panel of solicitors that is second-to-none in the legal industry, and we are always looking to expand. We want to send clients to the best law firms in the UK, and you can be one of them.

Our team works with law firms, claims management companies, financial advisers, accountants, and tax advisers, creating an interconnected network of professional service providers.

We are constantly on the lookout for more top-quality lawyers to send work to, and have plenty of different claim types to offer. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch by emailing or completing the form below. Live SEO Rankings 

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Why join our expert panel?

For the clients

We want to give our clients access to the best possible legal expertise. We believe clients deserve the best possible outcome for their particular case. As we grow our panel, our panel grows in confidence in defending clients and their claims.

In doing so, we help combine their knowledge across the UK, which gives the clients the best possible chance to reclaim their deserved compensation.


For your law firm

Put simply, it is good business. We have an ever-growing list of clients visiting our website who require legal help. We can create a bespoke agreement with you and your law firm in relation to how the relationship might work after any show of interest. This agreement will be conducted in a face-to-face meeting with our directors, with every step being transparent and confidential.

In addition to this, joining our panel will give you a chance for our clients to recognise you as a firm that puts their needs first, which will increase your credibility, and the likelihood of more business through other referrals and word of mouth.


For your network

Joining our panel will give you instant access to a network of law firms that might also expand your own commercial endeavours. This could bring new and exciting opportunities within your own firm, outside of emissions claims.


How do I start?

First, need to know specifically how we can work together. We work with many companies who we introduce different sorts of clients to, and in various methods. In order to understand how our relationship might work, we will first need to have an initial meeting with you.

Please email or complete the form below in the first instance to find out more about the next steps. We look forward to working together.

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Our mission is to provide comprehensive claim guides for multiple claims, and connect you with expert legal firms.

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Important Information:

Fairweather Group Ltd t/a do not give legal advice. You do not need to use a claims management company to make a claim. You have the right to use the relevant Ombudsman to seek redress for free. More information on your particular Ombudsman can be found on our Terms & Conditions. You can also seek legal advice elsewhere.

The No Win No Fee Success Fee is based on which expert panel member we refer you to and is payable to them. Our panel currently consists of a number of law firms, which can also be found on our Terms & Conditions. The No Win, No Fee varies, but is generally between 25%- 50%+VAT.

There may be a termination fee if you cancel your claim with a panel member after the cooling-off period. We are paid a referral fee by our panel members for a successful introduction. Fairweather Group Ltd will not charge you for our service.