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Citroen Diesel Emissions Claims

Citroen are the latest manufacturer to face allegations of diesel emissions tampering. If found guilty, UK Citroen customers who owned a diesel between 2008-2018 could be due thousands in compensation. Find out today if you are eligible to claim.

It has been reported that Citroen may have violated diesel emissions regulations by using a device commonly referred to as a "defeat device" in their vehicles. This device is suspected to manipulate emissions during regulatory tests, resulting in lower readings compared to real-world driving conditions.

If these allegations are proven, it suggests that Citroen diesel cars may have been emitting higher levels of NOx, a harmful gas, contributing to environmental pollution. Owners of Citroen vehicles could have also experienced increased fuel costs and bigger depreciation of their vehicles.

At, our legal panel of experienced Citroen Diesel Emission solicitors are committed to challenging major car manufacturers who engage in emissions test manipulation.

Our panel are actively investigating potential claims against Citroen for their alleged breach of emissions standards, aiming to secure substantial compensation for affected Citroen owners.


What Is The Citroen Diesel Emissions Scandal?

The Citroen Diesel Emissions Scandal refers to the alleged breach of diesel emissions regulations by Citroen. Similar to other scandals that have plagued the automotive industry, it is suspected that Citroen may have installed "defeat devices" in their diesel vehicles.

Citroën came under investigation in 2017. The French consumer watchdog DGCCRF referred Citroën to French prosecutors after documents indicated potential irregularities in their diesel emissions. This revelation raised concerns about the presence of similar fraudulent defeat devices seen in Volkswagen vehicles during the Dieselgate scandal.

As a result, the PSA Group, the parent company of Citroën, faced the possibility of substantial fines, reaching up to €5 billion. The diesel emissions probe suggested that approximately 1.9 million Citroën vehicles could have been fitted with these illicit defeat devices, mirroring the situation uncovered in Volkswagen's case.

A testing probe supported by the French government has also exposed that five vehicles from the PSA Group emitted significantly higher levels of nitrogen oxides (NOx) during real-world driving compared to laboratory conditions.

The Environmental Impact

Human Health

NOx contributes to various respiratory diseases, cancer, acid rain and smog. Pollution from cars is the biggest contributor to NOx in our air.

Premature Deaths

Air pollution is estimated to cause up to 36,000 premature deaths in the UK each year.

Child Deaths

The WHO estimated that in 2016, 600,000 children died from acute lower respiratory infections caused by polluted air.

Affect on Crops

High levels of nitrogen dioxide are harmful to vegetation - damaging foliage, decreasing growth or reducing crop yields.

What Does The Citroen Diesel Claim Relate To?

Our panel of Citroen emission solicitors is investigating a claim that aligns with similar cases filed globally. The central allegation revolves around the potential misleading of customers in the UK by Citroen regarding their diesel emissions practices.

The potential damages in this claim encompass various aspects, including compensation for any depreciation in vehicle value following the dieselgate scandal and general compensation for any grievances caused.

Our panel of Citroen Emissions solicitors will thoroughly evaluate the case, considering key elements such as:

  • Assessing whether there was a breach of contract by the dealership.
  • Evaluating the possibility of a breach of contract by the manufacturer or financier.
  • Investigating whether there was a violation of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.
  • Exploring the option of a claim based on deceit against Citroen.


Why Should I File My Citroen Diesel Claim?

Filing a Citroën Diesel claim can offer several important benefits and reasons to seek compensation for the diesel emissions scandal. Here are some key reasons why you should consider pursuing your claim:

  1. Holding Citroën accountable: By making a claim, you are taking a stand against corporate misconduct and holding Citroën responsible for any potential breach of emissions regulations. This helps ensure that car manufacturers prioritise consumer safety, environmental protection, and transparency.
  2. Protecting your rights as a consumer: As a consumer, you have the right to expect accurate and truthful information about the environmental performance of the vehicles you purchase.
  3. Financial compensation: If successful, filing a Citroën Diesel claim can lead to financial compensation for the losses and damages you may have incurred.


What Are Citroen Defeat Devices?

Citroën defeat devices refer to any unlawful bits of software potentially installed in Citroën vehicles with the intention to manipulate emissions during regulatory testing.

These devices are designed to detect when the vehicle is undergoing official emissions testing and adjust the engine performance to produce lower emissions levels than during real-world driving conditions.

The purpose of installing defeat devices is to deceive regulators and consumers by ensuring that the vehicles meet the required emissions standards during laboratory testing.

However, once the vehicles are on the road, they emit higher levels of harmful pollutants, such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), which contribute to air pollution and have detrimental effects on human health and the environment.


Which Citroen Models Are Affected By The Diesel Emissions Scandal?

The Citroen diesel emissions claim is still very new, and investigations are still ongoing. Our panel are initially looking for vehicles that are:

  • Diesel Engine
  • Manufactured Between January 2008 – December 2018

The exact models affected are still being determined, and updates will be provided as more information becomes available.


How much compensation can I receive for a Citroen Emissions Claim?

The amount of compensation for a Citroën emissions claim is yet to be determined.

As the investigation progresses and legal proceedings unfold, the potential compensation amounts will be evaluated based on various factors, including the extent of harm caused and the individual circumstances of each claimant.

Having said this, our panel of Citroën emissions solicitors are confident that you may qualify for a potential compensation amount of up to 75% of your vehicle's value.

Comparable claims made against Volkswagen in the USA and Germany have resulted in substantial compensation for vehicle owners.

Over £100m has already been paid in compensation for Diesel Emission Claims in the UK.


How Can ClaimExperts Help With My Citroen Diesel Claim?

The legal panel are here to assist you throughout the Citroen diesel claim process. Our experienced panel of legal professionals specialises in emissions claims and will guide you step-by-step, ensuring your rights are protected and maximising your chances of a successful claim.

  • Our panel operates on a No Win, No Fee basis
  • No Upfront payments
  • Panel are fully SRA-Regulated
  • We communicate with you using clear and straightforward English.
  • Fair and competitive legal rates

The claim against Citroen is now open, and you can start your claim by visiting our dedicated website,

The Diesel Citroen Claim Is Now Open

Thousands of drivers have already joined the Citroen Diesel Emission Claim.

Past and current Diesel Citroen owners are both eligible. Each claim could be worth £1000s.

Start your claim today on our dedicated website,


Our legal panel believes diesel vehicles manufactured between 2008-2018 could be eligible.

No, currently only diesel vehicles are eligible.

Deadlines will apply to different manufacturer claims. The Volkswagen claim, for example, is now finished. We recommend getting in touch with our legal panel as soon as possible to avoid missing out. 

This sort of Group Litigation action is unlike usual personal claims. This sort of claim can take months, if not years. The Volkswagen claim finished in 2022 after 4 years of litigation. We hope now that precedent has been set it could be much quicker than this. Our panel will keep you updated throughout the case.

Yes, you can claim for more than one affected vehicle. You will need to complete the enquiry form more than once.

Our legal panel bring their claims on a No Win, No Fee basis. This means there is no upfront cost. If the case is successful, you will pay the panel from the compensation you are awarded. This success fee varies, but can be up to 50%+VAT.

These claims are rather complex because we have to prove the employee has suffered a loss or made payments towards the vehicle. Our panel also need to ensure that the company who the claimant leased the vehicle from is not making a claim for the same vehicle, as we cannot have two claims being brought forward for the same time period and vehicle.

In short, if you can prove you have made a payment towards the company car or have any documents connecting your name to the vehicle reg/VIN, then our legal panel are willing to move forward with it. If you have no evidence they cannot do anything with it unfortunately.

We also encourage Fleet Vehicle owners to contact us directly to see how we can upload bulk vehicles all at once. Please contact

The vehicle in question must have been purchased in England or Wales.

Yes, you are able to claim whether your vehicle was bought new or second hand.

No, and we expect all manufacturers to deny wrongdoing and fight the case. Volkswagen denied wrongdoing and still compensated their customers.

A group litigation order (or GLO) is an order of a court in England and Wales, which permits a number of claims which relate to common issues to be managed collectively. provide comprehensive claim guides and help you connect with expert legal firms across the UK. We have built a legal panel that specialises in various claims, including diesel emissions claims. Once you provide your details we will pass you onto the most appropriate legal panel member, an SRA-regulated law firm, who will then handle the case.

Currently out legal panel are only accepting claims of those who bought their vehicle in England and Wales.

However, if you did buy your vehicle in England and Wales, you can currently live in Scotland and still claim.

Yes, if the vehicle in question meets all other criteria, you are able to claim for mobility vehicles.

No, unfortunately our legal panel do not take on claimants who have signed up with another solicitor.

Yes, over £100m has been claimed by claimants in England and Wales.

We understand that with the rise of fraudulent schemes and scams, many may be sceptical. However, diesel emission claims stem from a real, well-documented scandal that affected millions of car owners worldwide.

These claims have already been paid out in England and Wales, and our legal panel are all fully regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Yes, you have a 14-day cooling off period in which you can cancel your claim. Cancelation after this will be covered in the agreement you are given before you sign up.

You can verify your claim by using our free-to-use emissions claim checker. You can use this here.

Generally speaking, no. Navigating the diesel emission legal processes is intricate, requiring the insights of technical experts to determine the facts. Attempting to file a claim on your own could result in expenses that surpass any potential compensation. Additionally, there is the risk of being responsible for the opposing party's legal fees.

We are happy to provide more information on this point if you require it.

Yes, even if you no longer possess the vehicle, you may still be eligible to make a claim. The basis for the claim is tied to the ownership period when the alleged misconduct occurred. These dates are between 2008-2018.

Yes, you can claim if you bought your car with cash, financed the car, or had the car on lease. Our legal panel will simply require some kind of evidence of ownership between 2008-2018.

Your Vehicle Not Eligible?

We may still be able to help you, even if your vehicle isn't eligible for a diesel emission claim. If you took out car finance for your vehicle, you may be eligible for a Mis-Sold PCP Claim.

If you have had a car finance agreement between 2014-2019 you may be eligible to claim thousands. Visit our sister website to find out more.

The FCA has found that commission was paid on 95% of UK car finance PCP agreements. If you were not informed about this commission or the finance deal wasn’t right for you, you could be owed thousands in mis-sold car finance compensation. 

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