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Fatal Accident Compensation Claims

Losing a loved one is a massively traumatic time for any family, though this pain is heightened when their death was a result of someone else’s negligence.  If this is the case, our panel of Fatal Accident Solicitors can help you claim the compensation you are rightfully owed.

We understand that no financial compensation will stop the pain that is caused by losing a close family member. It can, however, help ease any immediate financial burden and help you take care of pressing financial matters.

Our panel of fatal accident solicitors have over 70 years of experience in dealing with these sensitive and distressing cases, and can be your helping hand when you most need it.  They understand the difficulties that you face, and can help you determine what caused your loved one’s accident and who was responsible.

If you would like to talk confidentially and privately, for free, to one of our fatal accident panel members, get in touch today. They can help guide you through this traumatic time.


Fatal Accident Claims – The Law

As well as grieving the loss of a loved one, many people who lose family members might be worried about the financial implications a sudden death might have.

This is why the Fatal Accident Act 1976 was introduced so that dependents of the deceased are entitled to file a claim for compensation if the accident was the result of someone else’s error or negligence.

In this sense, a dependent may be classed as:

  • A spouse or ex-spouse
  • A co-habiting person or civil partner (for at least two years prior to the death)
  • Children, including adopted and step
  • Parents and Grandparents
  • Brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts, nieces and nephews


What does Compensation Cover for Fatal Accidents?

Fatal accident compensation covers an array of costs, including actual losses, loss of earnings and any compensation for pain and suffering.

Each case is different and the exact amount of compensation you can claim will differ depending on the circumstance. However, below are the most common things the compensation can cover:

  • Pain and suffering of the deceased – If your family member suffered prior to the death or was bedridden, the compensation claim will take into the pain suffered by them during their lifetime.
  • Loss of earnings – If the death was not immediate, compensation can also be provided for the loss of earnings your loved one suffered as a result of their injury, through not being able to work.
  • Actual losses – This can cover losses that you have incurred through care, medical treatment, and funeral costs.
  • Losses for dependency – This is often the largest part of the compensation fatality compensation claims. This is applicable when the deceased is survived by dependents who rely on their income, such as a spouse, children, or older parents. This can take into account the loss of income from work, loss of pension, and any bonuses such as healthcare benefits.


Am I entitled to claim Fatal Accident Compensation?

Our expert panel has helped many people claim compensation after a loved one has died through negligence.

If your family member has died as a result of someone else’s mistake, our panel of solicitors can help you determine whether you have a case for compensation. They will also be on the other end of the phone whenever you have a question.


What is the Statutory Award for Bereavement?

In addition to the compensation you can claim, there is also potential for recovering what is known as the Statutory Award for Bereavement. This nominal amount is £12,980 and is separate to any compensation claim. In a successful fatal accident claim, this bereavement award is payable by the negligent party even if there no loss of income or benefits.

This is only payable to the spouse of the deceased or the parents of a deceased minor.


Is There a Time Limit for Claiming Compensation for a Fatal Accident?

Yes, this is called the limitation period. In the UK, the limitation period is three years from the date on which the fatal accident occurred.

In some cases, the time limit might start from the moment you realised injuries from the accident caused the death of your loved one. This is particularly true in the case of industrial diseases.



Let our Panel Help You With Your Fatality Compensation Claim Today

If a loved one has suffered a fatality and you believe you are entitled to compensation, our compassionate, expert panel of solicitors can help you take that first step. Let us help you determine if you have a case, and if so, how much you could claim back in compensation.

The panel of experts behind has a combined 70+ years of experience in helping families get compensation for bereavements. They can guide you through the process, step-by-step.

Through our network of high profile fatality compensation specialists, we are able to direct your enquiry to the most appropriate fatal injury solicitor. Our panel offer:

  • 70+ Years Combined Experience in Personal Injury Claims
  • Hassle Free Service
  • Quick and Easy Form
  • 100% Risk Free – No Win, No Fee
  • Knowledgeable, Friendly, Professional Team
  • Fully regulated by the SRA or FCA
  • Free No Obligation Check

Contact the panel today to find out how they can help you start your fatal injury compensation claim.

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Our panel of legal firms all:

  • Operate on a No-Win, No Fee Basis
  • Require No Upfront Fees
  • Are Regulated by either the FCA or SRA

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