Mis Sold Pension Letter Template

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An Overview of a Mis Sold Pension Letter Template

Retirement planning is one of the most important financial plans a person should make.

There are countless pension schemes available which can help to ensure you have sufficient levels of income to see you through your golden years.

Problems arise however when some financial advisors recommend schemes that aren’t always in the best interests of their clients. The only people to gain maximum benefit from the pension schemes are the advisors themselves by way of large hidden commissions.

If you have been mis-advised and fooled into switching to such a pension, the good news is you may be able to claim compensation.

Many victims search the Internet for advice within forums such as Martin Lewis. They look for pension claim template letters. There is nothing to stop a claimant from writing his or her own mis-sold pensions letter, but why take the risk of your claim being rejected when our expert pension claim lawyers can follow a proven process to get you compensation as well as justice.

What accounts for a pension mis-sell?

You may be able to make a pension claim if any of the following apply to you.

  • Your pension / financial advisor did not correctly explain the charges and fees involved with the pension scheme
  • Your pension / financial advisor did not explain that the ultimate amount you would get back upon drawdown depended on the performance of the scheme.
  • Your pension / financial advisor did not fully explain the risks surrounding the pension scheme
  • Your pension / financial advisor incorrectly advised you that your pension plan would definitely pay off your mortgage
  • Your pension / financial advisor did not correctly assess your financial situation

Start your pension claim here

Starting your claim is quick and easy with ClaimExperts.co.uk. Simply click here and complete the enquiry form. A specialist pension claims lawyer will then review the merits of your claim. We are regulated by the solicitors regulatory authority and have vast amounts of experience with all types of SIPPS and SERPS pension claims.

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