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Has Your Financial Advisor Mismanaged Your SIPP?

Lost money because of the way your financial advisor managed your SIPP?

Missold A SIPP?

We may be able to help you get £000s back.

About Your Financial Advisor

This isn’t a crusade against financial advisors. They are the people we trust to invest our pension funds in a way that outpaces a regular pension or saving scheme, and most do their work diligently and professionally.

But mistakes happen. Things that should be taken into account aren’t. And as a result, sometimes the value of your pension ends up being far less than you thought it would be.

If you’ve been paying into a SIPP or other pension recommended by your financial advisor, and you’ve lost money, you may be able to claim compensation.

What Is A SIPP?

SIPPs are Self Invested Personal Pensions. You place money into the SIPP ‘pot’ and divide it amongst a number of investment funds.

Over time (and with the correct management) that pot grows and the result is a higher pension than you would otherwise have received once you retire.

At least, that’s the plan.

The ‘Personal’ nature of a SIPP means that you’re responsible for the investments contained in your SIPP. If you don’t know a great deal about investments, you’ll probably ask a financial advisor to help you.

Can I Make A Claim For SIPP Compensation?

The problems arise when you ask for the help of a financial advisor who does not take into account all your circumstances when offering advice.

If your financial advisor didn’t ask you about your approach to risk. Or if they did ask you but recommended high risk investments anyway that have since lost value, you may be able to claim compensation.

If they recommended you switch to a SIPP without explanation. If they repeatedly asked you to alter and switch your investments. Or if they didn’t explain the charges involved in managing your investments, you may also have a claim for pension mis-selling.

At ClaimExperts.co.uk, we’ll look again at the information you were given when you set up your SIPP, and at the way the SIPP was administered. If we can identify evidence that your financial advisor mis-sold your pension, or mis-advised you as to the nature of it or the risks involved, we’ll make your claim for you.

Mis-sold SIPP Compensation – How Much Will I Get?

Calculating the amount of SIPP compensation you may be entitled to is complex, but it could amount to £000s.

Seeing if you could make a claim won’t cost you a penny. Nor will making your claim with us. The only point you’ll pay us is when you win.

See if you have a claim today. Complete the enquiry form and receive a no-obligation review of your claim.

Why Work With Us?

Every financial adviser owes a duty of care to his or her clients. You’re entitled to the right advice, appropriate to your circumstances. You’re entitled to explanations. And if you haven’t received that and you’ve lost money, you’re entitled to make a claim.

ClaimExperts.co.uk deals with all forms of pension and investment mis-selling and compensation, including SIPP mis-selling.

If you’ve lost money, we’ll help you get it back!

We’re regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority. We don’t talk legal jargon. And we keep the lines of communication open – so if you need to talk to us about your claim, you can.

We know that working out whether you have been affected by SIPP mis-selling or incorrect pensions advice can be complex. Let us make it simpler.

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