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Missold Holiday Timeshare Disputes and Claims

If you believe that you been mis-sold a timeshare, we can assist.

If you are concerned about the financial ramifications of the timeshare, any implications regarding inheritance, or if you feel that you are subject to an exit scam we can help.

Our team have been instructed by an increasing number of timeshare owners and we have extensive experience of helping clients who have entered into unfair and unenforceable timeshare contracts.

Our team  can bring claims arising from the sale of the timeshare and similar products. If you feel like you have a claim please contact our team and one of our experience advisors will happily discuss your claim with you. If we feel that you have a strong claim for compensation we will happily act for you on a  no-win, no-fee basis.

What are mis-sold Timeshares?

Our clients often end up investing into a timeshare following clever marketing and high pressure sales techniques. Often, clients are told that the timeshare was a great investment.

However, this often turns out to be untrue. Clients are frequently left in a scenario where they are not able to enjoy their timeshare for a number of reasons, but they are still stuck with crippling finance payments.

Many of our clients find themselves trapped by costly agreements that they can no longer afford or want. Whilst timeshares were all too easy to get into they are increasingly complicated to get out of.

In addition to this, rising maintenance fees, ‘in perpetuity’ clause, and problems exiting timeshare contracts are all too common. Timeshare agreements are complex legal documents. As such, it’s vital that you receive the best possible legal advice and that the correct legal grounds for terminating your timeshare are applied. It is, therefore, important that you contact one of our advisors as soon as possible if you think you have a claim.

Do I have a mis-sold timeshare claim?

There is some criteria you must meet in order to be successful in a timeshare compensation claim. If a timeshare or resort company has breached its contract and/or mislead you into buying a timeshare, you may be entitled to compensation.

This also includes verbal promises which were not actually written down at the time of signing the timeshare contract. If any promises were made during the sale or timeshare presentation, you may have been misled and misguided.

If any important information was left out which may have influenced your buying decision, you may be able to claim. If for example, you were told that your timeshare was in a quiet, rural part of town, when in fact it was on a noisy, main road, this would be misrepresentation.

Our expert advisors will assess your case, and if we believe you have reason to claim, we will work on a no-win, no-fee basis.

How can Claim Experts help?

At Claim Experts we offer a free initial consultation to go over the details of your case and advise on whether you have a viable claim. There is no obligation to proceed with us, we will just be there to discuss your options and put your mind at rest.

We can help you where:

  •   You have been mis-sold a timeshare
  •   You have been pressured into signing a timeshare agreement
  •   You can no longer afford your timeshare
  •   You have been sold an unfair contract
  •   You are the victim of unexpected & excessive maintenance fees
  •   You purchased a timeshare using a linked loan or credit card

If you buy goods and services on finance, as opposed to paying by cash or cheque, you are afforded an extra level of protection should things go wrong. So, as well as helping you to exit your timeshare agreement, we will also advise on whether you have any grounds for a compensation claim.

Get in touch today

If you are trapped inside a timeshare obligation and are struggling with ever rising maintenance fees, Claim Experts can help. Our advisers will assess your situation and provide advice as to whether we believe your timeshare was unlawfully sold to you.

If we do believe your timeshare was mis-sold to you, we act on your behalf to challenge the timeshare resort/company to finally release you from your agreement. We can then also create a case for compensation for any money lost.

Get in touch today by completing our quick enquiry form.

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